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The best Valentine's Gifts
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What are the best Valentines gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

February is a tough time for the singletons among us. For others with partners, it is a time to celebrate your love for your partner and appreciate how they fulfil your life. As is tradition, it is common to buy a Valentine’s gift. But like every present buying situation, most of us are at a loss as to what to buy!

A personalised gift is definitely the way to go. It shows you have taken time to think of a present and your Valentine will appreciate this more. No one wants to receive a bunch of flowers from Tesco. Most of the time, the price label will no doubt be emblazoned across it showing your Valentine how much you spent on their gift. That would definitely kill the romantic mood!

So we at UniquePhotoGifts.co.uk have put together our top gifts that your Valentine would like, aswell as giving you a little chuckle at other truly horrendous gifts.

Personalised Cushion

Why is a personalised cushion a good present for Valentine’s Day?

Well, anytime you are not with your partner, they can snuggle into “your” cushion. Plus, it’s quite a symbolic present to give somebody. Could be one to show your parents!

Better than ...

The Asda Smartprice Valentines Card

I don’t think your partner would be too pleased with a 7p card.

Design your own personalised cushion here: Click Here

Personalised Rabbit

Why is a personalised rabbit a good present for Valentine’s Day?

Admit it…rabbits are mega cute! Look at their wee ears! And when you present your partner with this little rabbit with an image of you two together, you could say “We are as cute as this rabbit”. That’s when you know you’ve gone too soft.

Design your own personalised Toy Rabbit here: Click Here

The personalised rabbit is definitely better than…

A Disney Princess suitcase and matching nightlight

Yes, a 24 year old woman received this from her long term boyfriend. I think your Valentine will prefer the personalised rabbit. Courtesy of http://whydidyoubuymethat.com/

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Why is a personalised jigsaw a good present for Valentine’s Day?

Every relationship is sometimes difficult to piece together and make sense of. So why not symbolise this in a 221 Piece Jigsaw puzzle. Once your partner completes the jigsaw, they can frame it which shows that although it may have been difficult to piece together, the end result is worth it!

Design your own personalised Jigsaw here: Click Here

The personalised jigsaw is definitely better than…

Potentially the most cringe-worthy Valentines present in the history of present giving!

And lastly we’d recommend

The Personalised Lighter

Why is a personalised lighter good for Valentine’s Day?

Even if you or your partner don’t smoke, you could maybe say that you’re the “light of my life” or “the flame of my heart”. Cheesy, but good!

Design your own personalised lighter here: Click Here

The personalised lighter is certainly better than…

A pre-arranged funeral

Definitely not a good idea!

So what are you waiting for, get designing your personalised Valentine’s Day gift on UniquePhotoGifts.co.uk