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Top 10 iPhone Cover Designs for 2014
Top 10 Photo Gifts for Christmas 2013

Top 10 iPhone Cover Designs for 2014

Apple have managed to sell over 33.8 Million iPhones in the last quarter of 2013. That’s a lot of iPhones…and a lot of people who have the same phone. The vast majority of iPhone owners like to personalise their smartphone to make it different from the generic and bland default cover that comes with the iPhone. So we at Unique Photo Gifts thought we’d show our top 10 iPhone cover designs for 2014.

10) Capture your favourite sporting event

If you are a fan of a small club, these moments of glory are a rarity and ideal for capturing on an iPhone cover.

9) Pet iPhone Cover

Yes, we all love our pets! Here’s Polo – my little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. How many “Aaw he looks nice” comments will you get with this iPhone cover?

8) Yourself as a child iPhone Cover

Yes, this is me as a 5 year old. Adorable then, ugly now!

7) Graduation iPhone Cover

You only graduate once right? And it’s the photo that will adorn your mother’s wall – so put it on your phone case in order to make her extra proud!

6) Maths iPhone case

Now, what do you think this means? This is one for the inner geek! The square root of minus 1 is “I”, 2 cubed is 8, the third symbol means “sum” and the final symbol is pi. So what does it spell? “I ate some pie…and it was delicious”! Yeah, maybe a bit complicated? Maybe a turn off but for the opposite sex but you will be laughing for literally all of 10 seconds with this case!

5) “You and I” iPhone cases

I bet those love struck couples amongst us use their iPhones to text their other half anyway – so why not go the full hog and get “you and I” cases.

Maybe the women will like it? But what will the lads say about this down the pub!

4) Holiday iPhone Cases

For one or two weeks a year, you get to go off and do what you want with no thought of work or the terrible British weather. And if you’re ever stuck for conversation, whip out your cover saying “Ooh, I’ve been to New York. Have you ever been?” Perfect conversation starter!

3) I Hate Mondays iPhone Case

Yes, Monday’s are universally loathed the world over. What do you hate? Put it on your phone case to publicise your burning hatred for that thing to get it off your chest!

2) It’s a whale iPhone case

I bet it took you a couple of seconds to get this! I raised a chuckle...

1) Family iPhone Cover

And number 1, yes, you’ve guessed it…it’s the family iPhone cover! We know your family are #1 in your life, so why not get a cover with your close family on it. And yes, me and my sister are best pals!

So these are our top 10 personalised iPhone covers for 2014. To design your own iPhone case, visit the link below and choose the iPhone cover to begin your design

Personalised Custom iPhone Cover or Case

If you want any of the above designs, get in contact with us and we can produce it for you.