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Top 10 iPhone Cover Designs for 2014
Top 10 Photo Gifts for Christmas 2013

Top 10 Photo Gifts for Christmas 2013

It’s always very difficult to choose the best gift for a family member or friend. Sometimes a gift with some form of personal touch sets your gift apart from the usual generic gifts we are all used to receiving. So, we at Unique Photo Gifts are here to make your life easier with our top 10 gifts for Christmas 2013!

10) Personalised Wooden Clock

Research has found we look at the time on average every 43 minutes. So keep yourself in that special person’s mind by personalising one of our wooden clocks

Personalised Woodclock

9) Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

We all know relationships with family and friends can be difficult to piece together sometimes. So a personalised jigsaw puzzle may be the perfect gift to reflect this! Upload your own photo to our software and we’ll create your own one of a kind jigsaw.

Personalised Jigsaw

8) Personalised Wallets and Personalised Purses

Many of us will be used to carrying a picture of our loved ones in our purses or wallets. So why not print that special image onto the outside of the purse or wallet?

Personalised Wallets and Purses

7) Personalised Baby’s Bib

Don’t forget the little one! Baby’s bibs always raise a laugh or two. Here’s three personalised bibs that we liked...

Creat your own now: Click here

6) Personalised Teddy

Maybe one for the babies? But let’s face it, we all love having a little teddy to snuggle up with at night. Although the dog may steal it and claim it as his own…you have been warned!

Design your own teddy: Click here

5) Personalised Money Bank

We all know that we need to save money these days. Our money banks allow you to print what you’re saving for on the outside of the tin and make you more motivated to save for that purpose. Although, don’t raid it for beer money!

Design your own personalised money bank: Click here

4) Personalised T-shirt

The old favourite! Swagger your creative genius using our t-shirt personalisation software. Here are 3 tshirts we particularly liked. Although we take no responsibility for injuries you receive from loved ones when they find you wearing your personalised tshirt...

Design your own personalised t-shirt: Click here

3) Personalised iPhone cover

Who doesn’t have an iPhone these days? We all know they are not built like the Nokia 3210 of the 1990’s. So design your own cover to protect your smartphone. Do you think you could pull this look off?

Design your own iPhone cover: Click here

2) Personalised Tea Towel

Your husband not pulling his weight in the kitchen? Maybe give him his own personalised tea towel to coerce him into down the washing up! We can but dream...

Design your own personalised Tea Towel: Click here

1) Personalised Cushion

Our #1 bestseller! This is the ideal gift for your partner. Whenever you’re not there, they can still be with you in spirit with their very own cushion to remind them of how much you love them. Awww...

Design your own personalised cushion: Click here

So that’s our top 10 gifts for Christmas 2013. Send us your personalised designs and we will feature the best of them in next months blog!