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What is the best present for my dad?

Yes, this is a common question uttered by millions of perplexed offspring, fumbling about in the dark in order to try and find a present for their beloved father. I don’t know about you but whenever it comes to buying my dad a present, particularly for his birthday, I’m always met with shrugs and mumbles whenever I ask him what he wants.

That’s why we at UniquePhotoGifts.co.uk are on hand to try and identify the perfect present for your dad. I think we’re all tired of giving the stereotypical bottle of aftershave to our dads, who then douse themselves in this overpriced cologne, in order to draw attention to themselves. What really sets your present apart from the crowd is a personalised gift.

Here’s a few ideas for you:

Personalised Apron

Whenever my Dad “attempts” to cook, the result is normally a Hiroshima like explosion of biblical proportions.

The charred remains of the house he’s worked his whole life for is all that’s left, apart from the personalised apron that you gave him for his birthday, which is still neatly tied round his midrift saying “Dinner is ready when you hear the smoke alarm” or in this case, when you hear the fire brigade!

Design your own personalised apron here: Click Here

Personalised Wine Box

After burning down the house, I think your dad will be in the mood for some apologising. So maybe by giving him a personalised wine box with an image of your Mum and Dad saying “I love you – and I’m sorry” could help your Dad repair his relationship with your Mum? A long shot certainly! The odds are greatly improved if you include some of your Mum’s favourite wine.

Design your own personalised wine box here: Click Here

Personalised Mug

I suppose not all of our Dads are disasters in the kitchen. It’s widely known that men make the best chefs right? So maybe I have been a tad unfair on our alpha males!

Another idea for a gift for your Dad could be in the form of a personalised mug. Here are some ideas:

How about this nice cuddly sentiment?

But on the back of this mug, your dad will be a little dismayed! But you love him really.

But he knows you will always have his back!

Design your own personalised mug here: Click Here

Personalised T-Shirt

Yes, the classic. I bet your Dad fancies himself as Gok Wan. So why not update his wardrobe with his own personalised tshirt?

Here’s some ideas for you to design your own tshirt

Design your own personalised t-shirt here: Click Here

So you’ve chosen your Dad’s present, now how do you pay for it?

Yeah, you guessed, by using the bank of Mum and Dad.

Disclaimer – We don’t take any responsibility for using your Mum and Dad’s debit card!